Internal communication

Internal communication
with modern digital signage


In order to avoid outdated information, modern digital signage solutions deliver connected display, right on the source of information.
It besomes easy to manage a display network with up-to-date company news, events, social network,
traffic & weather forecast, synthetic indicators update, and specific messages to your collaborators.


Make sur all your employees be informed of the latest news, events and entertainment by delivering video, RSS feeds, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.) on screens in the living center of the company with internal communication.


Measuring the relative happiness of your employees looking at numbers like absence rates, overtime performed, projects completed to time, survey feedback metrics and training programs offered.


The ability to maintain Proper Problem Awareness in Real-time, listen to Team member concerns, make discoveries, resolve problems together, collaborate, accelerate leader and team-member development and reach our full potential is critical to a Lean Organization. The Obeya promotes coordination, strategy and flexibility while leveraging the expertise and support of teammates from diverse areas.


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