Cheap vs Lean

“Lean is about the total elimination of waste and showing respect for people.”

What is lean?

“Lean” philosophy seeks to maximise customer value while minimising waste with fewer resources. In industry, this philosophy allows us to achieve great results. As a result of using lean: operations accomplished more quickly, easily and at a lower cost by engaging employees and partners in a process of continuous improvement. But does that mean, that lean is cheap? Lean is not simply about spending less money. 

Lean is not just about failing fast, failing cheaply. It is about putting a process, a methodology around the development of a product.


Decide: cheap vs lean

Most people think that being lean just means being cheap. However, 'lean' is not about being cheap. 'Lean' thinking is the best way to spend money, not just the least expensive. When you are cheap you are looking for the lowest price, but when you are lean you are looking for the best price. Indeed, the best price is not all the time the cheapest one, you must think about quality and price ratio.

How about time? Another mistake, lean is not about the quickest way, in fact, 'lean' is the best way to spend time. Indeed, it is important to save time and lean company will always try to find the way to do it as fast as possible, but never with the worst quality.

When we are thinking about resources, it is the best resources to apply to marketing and not just gambling. The main idea is to spend your money on your target group. Lean companies understand, that marketing is important, but they do not waste the money, they spend money wisely. Companies are thinking about finding the right way to spend resources.

Lean is about investing in the right technology, not just gadgets. Retailers choose their technology with a specific return on investment in mind. They know that this technology will help them to do their work better and quicker.

We can conclude that lean is not about being cheap – it is about being smart.


What is your choice: cheap vs lean?  Do you want to play safe or spend money to reach ambitious goals? Are you ready to become a lean company? Contact us and we will help you! We are offering a digital lean solution for your business!

In addition, you can check our infographic.

cheap vs lean

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