Why digital is not enough?

Why digital is not enough?


The Economic environment is changing constantly. These days, it is not enough to be digital if you want to remain competitive in a new digital world.  In the recent article by Forbes, author Joe McKendrick shows us that technology itself cannot solve all the problems. In fact, it requires real management support and integration into the organisation.

Talking about management support and integration we should think about lean philosophy. Established for many years in the industry, the “lean” philosophy seeks to maximise customer value while minimising waste with fewer resources. In industry, this philosophy allows us to achieve great results. As a result of using lean: operations accomplished more quickly, easily and at a lower cost by engaging employees and partners in a process of continuous improvement.

The competitive advantage of the company is people, not technology. Lean allows us to use technology as a leverage of action not like as a goal. Technologies like web, cloud, social, mobile, etc. help us to improve and accelerate collaboration and access to resources. Therefore, it can be applied to various problems in non-production companies (lean-IT, lean-office, etc. We could find some similarities between IT and manufacturing. For example, IT function “manufactures” business services of value to the parent organisation and its customers: In the digital industry, too many companies obsess about cutting the costs for the cause of cutting. However, they forget that employees and managers should collaborate in finding ways how to reduce cost in process and decisions making.

It is time to warn organisations that a number of budgets allocated to new technologies do not show the competitiveness of the company. The success lies in the management and in the agile-lean organisation. Finally, these digital technologies enabling to serve our customers faster, easier, better and less costly.

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