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Digital signage for corporate


Why choose a digital signage solution to communicate to your collaborators ?

First of all, brain understands more easily an illustration than a text. Indeed, 70% of people understand at the first look a text they read which means that 30% need to read the text again or to think about it to assimilate. On the other hand, 90% of people, looking at an illustration, understand immediately. Our brain is made in such a way that we are more easily susceptible to illustrations than texts.

Regarding memorization, a person remembers 80% of what she sees against 20% of that she read. This observation proves that when we want to communicate a message, it is better to play on the visual aspect and avoid over-information. Moreover, according to supports, memorization differs. 32% will remember what they hear on the radio, 44% what they have seen on static display and 75% memorize the information disseminated by a dynamic display. This one is more affecting because it highlights information in a different and attractive way.

How create a digital signage screen for corporate?

The creation of screen for digital signage for corporate is in 4 parts.

1/ Objective of your display screen

  • Diffusion of information to collaborators
  • Monitoring process and workflow
  • Analyse of KPIs and alerting on activity


2/ Relevant choice of KPIs

  • According to audience
  • According to activity
  • Update frequency


3/ Screen design & Layout

  • Avoid information overload
  • Schedule animation conditions
  • Think about ergonomics and interactions


4/ Choice of display points

  •  Planification according to activity rhythm
  • Identication of key locations accorting to audience


Diffusion of the screen

Similiar to a scoreboard at a sporting event, wallboards are large display, highly visible to be easy to understand for anyone walking by and updated automatically with real-time data ensuring that people check back regularly.

Thanks to PingView solution, you can recover and rework all your data in order to disseminate it dynamically within your company.

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