Signage for internal communication

Digital signage for internal communication


Visiativ is a developer of solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of organizations. The company transforms organizations into "Smart Enterprise" visionary, innovative and collaborative in order to provide them with profitable and sustainable growth.


1/ Goals

Visiativ aims to improve dissemination of information internally with employees but also in external communication for customers, partners and suppliers.

Previously equipped with a digital signage solution, Visiativ encountered many technical problems (too slow connection, repeated bugs ...) and has thereby chosen to improve and modernize its fleet display with a reliable solution enabling to display their data dynamically in real time.


2/ Challenges

Responsible communication wanted to save time and do not continually update the information manually. To prevent the internal validation circuit is longer and more complex, Visiativ needed a signage tool to retrieve real-time data.

The challenge of Visiativ was to communicate  information continually updated to their employees and devote the least time possible.


3/ Solution

PingView allows dynamic real-time display through direct data connection. The solution connects as well with the RSS feed as webapps like twitter, facebook, youtube, weather ... The interface is very simple to handle and Visiativ communication team was able to quickly exploit after a short training on the integration of data and the establishment of animation conditions.


4/ Results

Visiativ now broadcasts its screens in 4 agencies in France continuously. The communication manager is able to manage its screens and their dissemination with a simple and easily editable planning. She chooses what screens and where it diffuses through the solution.



5 display points


RSS feed / Twitter / Google Calendar / Interactivity


Communicate  information continually updated to all Visiativ employees and devote the least time possible.


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