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Display Facebook data and improve your internal communication


Why display Facebook data ?

Facebook has 1.49 billion monthly active users worldwide, including 30 million in France. This is why brands are now almost all present on this social network and post 1 to 2 times per day. Beyond that, likes and comments begin to drop off.
When you want to communicate internally, think that social networks reflect your brand and popularity on the web. It may be interesting to display facebook data within your company. This way, employees will feel more involved. Moreover, broadcasting these information on a screen you don't waste time because it's easy, simple and once it's done, the board automatically updates in real time.


Display Facebook data with PingView

PingView solution allows you to display data Facebook where and when you want. You just need a computer and a web browser to create your communication screen. After that, you can display and analyse statistics of your facebook page.

To begin, you need to create an account sending a message with the contact form. We will come back to you and help you to carry out your project.


1/ Add a access token

To use PingView is simple, after creating your account, go to the conceptor and click on Access / Access tokens and Add new access token Facebook. You can rename the token if you want.

Display data facebook: access token facebook


2/ Get Facebook data

Now, you can create a new screen by selecting Screens / New screen or taking an existing screen. Then, click on data and add a source named webservice. You have to authenticate yourself by selectioning your token access in the drop down menu.
You will see some examples of information that you can collect easily as your current wall, your articles and comments, pictures and those identified above or the information on your page such as the number of likes, posts and likes / comments ...

Authentification Facebook

So select the link you want and click on "Try". Collect the information you want to view and click on "Apply".

Insert to finish a text widget, add your data in "Data" and then select the field and the corresponding line. Do the same thing for all data, design your screen and it's done !

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