Interactive display

An interactive display means that your device program presents choices depending on where in the program the user initiate the action. By following different choices, the user can accordingly control or change the action on the device. In addition for interactive display, you need a tactile screen.

Many industries use this type of solution. It is using in museums or in shops when you want to have more information, or for the managers when they want to manage your team more efficiently.

interactive visual management

Interactive visual management

The aim of the interactive visual management is to make displayed information act and react. The screen is tool design for everyone and encourages team collaboration. Each person can choose which kind of information they want to display but the basic display screen is adapted to the needs of the team.

You can very quickly see the benefits of interactive visual management. Problems can be solved faster because everyone has access to the information. Moreover, people can get access to more information just by clicking on it. Also, it is a great tool for project management. Indeed it will increase the awareness for everyone and therefore it will increase their accountability.  Moreover, the team will feel more involved in the business and their motivation will grow.

Interactivity with PingFlow

With the PingFlow solution, you can simply display your information and add interactivity to make this information even more dynamic. Just connect your data to the solution. You can display your data by using different widgets and adding interactivity and animation conditions. Finally, you can define actions according to the clicks.

Here are some animation examples

  • Switching from one display to another
  • View more specific and detailed information in relation to the selected basic information
  • Change the colour of the text or numbers
  • Display or not information on the graph
  • And many others.

interactive digital management

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