Mushroom management

What is this problem called "Mushroom management" and how to stop it ?


What is the Mushroom management ?

When you build your company, at the begining there are just a few employees so it's easy to share information. And actually, it's normal because you work together and you talk about what you do and why. People share their questions, ideas and of course their results. Talking is simple because you all work in the same office. But when you work in a big firm, there are many departments and offices and you don't have all the information and data about the company. Only 10% of employees are aware of company progress in real-time while more than four out of five want to know more about this progress and more important thing, they want to share information about what they do and what they succeed. Employees need to talk about their job and their results.


The impact of mushroom management

Mushroom management is a real problem because employees think that they aren't important enough to be informed of company progress in real-time. They feel put away and thus lose motivation and therefore efficiency. They also don't trust their bosses who fail to share company data.

In fact, over 25% of employees believe this lack of information is done on purpose because the person who have full access to information has full powers. This "power game" can sometimes push employees to review their way to work and even their desire to work in a company. Most people don't feel comfortable with the idea of work in this atmosphere.

At the end, a quarter of employees have or know someone who has decided to leave a company because they felt in the dark about the evolution and the performance of this one.


The solution

90% of employees say that they prefer hear bad news about the company than no news at all. And over 50% say that sharing information within company has a significant positive impact on their motivation to work.

In order to communicate with their employees, companies should invest in digital visual solution to share information about the company progress in real time. They can put a few screens all over the company and display KPIs depending on the target. To avoid mushroom management, the more important thing is to be honest and show the news and progress of each department. Don't try to hide something because employees talk to each other and everything will go out someday.

For example, you can ask to your employees what they want to know and why. After collecting all feedbacks, sort and display the most meaningful information. Remember that sharing information with them is the best way to show you are interested in them and their work. We know that the consideration is one of the most important motivations for an employee.


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