Workplace safety becomes a very important topic. Today, the workplace accident costs an average of $ 38,000 according to an IRSST study. Therefore, companies are more and more investing in the work accidents prevention. It is not surprising that for this reason, digital signage has become a very attractive solution.




There is no doubt that, if you want to increase collaborative in decision making, you cannot keep your KPI information in one department, you have to share this information with colleagues, workers. The big screen displaying of your KPIs create a big impression for your employees. They always know what is going on. With this tool you can increase their motivation, employees will feel more concerned.

For example, by displaying dynamically updated data about incidents in factories, workers will be more cautious and careful and this will ensure workplace safety.




Beyond the KPIs, it is also advisable to add the safety instructions such as wearing the helmet, glasses and etc. Indeed, companies have some safety instruction posters, but most of the posters are not visible and too old. As a result, workers are no longer paying attention to them and the percentage of accident risk increases. Indeed, the dynamic display and effects signal/light attract more eyes.




Internal communication - sharing information within the organisation for business purposes. In the big companies, it is not always easy to communicate via e-mails, memos, billboards and etc. It is one of the reasons why digital communication via screens is starting to gain momentum.  Indeed, it is an easier way to pass messages to all employees.  With some screens and dynamic display solution, it is possible to display data at any time.



Always with a view to safety, it is important that your displayed data can change in real time. In fact, workers will be aware of the technical problems and it will save their time, also, it will help to avoid accidents.

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