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Aeronautical future with PingFlow

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Digital Visual Management for Operational Excellence


Aeronautic factory by PingFlow

The aeronautic factory

PingFlow is an expert in new technologies and in lean management. Furthermore, our digital solutions adapt to the agility of the aeronautical organisation allowing the digital transition of the aeronautical factory of the future.


Operational excellence

Moreover, by delivering the right information, PingFlow boosts the performance and collaboration of your teams. Also, operational teams can focus on their business, achieve their goals through better responsiveness.


Digital visual mangement

PingFlow allows real-time data visualisation understandable at a glance from the existing information system available on all digital media. In fact, real- time data visualisation is a necessary tool for the future industry.


PingFlow’s intervention in the aeronautic factory of the future


The aim of our digital visual management solutions is to support the new lean-agile aeronautics organisation.

Moreover, with workshops between operational teams, CIO and industrial management, the needs are defined on the business visibility and responsiveness in a real time.



Furthermore,  innovative projects of the future factory require:

  • The use of digital tools for process control
  • Simple ergonomics for easy use in daily operational
  • Integration and connection in the existing business information system
  • Digital tools adaptation to the agility of aviation organisation



Before extending the projects, several phases of “ Proof of Concept” (POC) are carried out to attract operational support and verify the suitability and technical performance of our solutions. For example:

  • Advance tracking / retard en production
  • Andon alert system in production
  • Interactive Monitoring for Supply Management
  • MES (manufacturing execution system) activity monitoring on the operator panel
  • Real-time internal logistics management



Once the solution is adopted by the operational staff and the management of the group, the deployment brings several results, for example:

  • Respect of lead time and delivery time
  • Reduction of flow disruptions during assembly
  • Simplified visualisation of the operational workflow
  • Better inter-service communication with shared information
  • Finally, optimisation of logistical resources


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