The concept of “industry 4.0” or “smart factory” refers most often to new technologies and the revolutions they bring. In our opinion, it is essential to understand and place the human at the center of the factory’s digital transition.

Indeed, the increases in production rates and quality constraints lead to a rethinking of the working methods of the operational staff. To remain competitive, industries must optimize their resources by giving them the means to be responsive and efficient.

It is then that new technologies can allow them access to the current activity, a regular and optimized monitoring of their performance. Digital is changing the very organization of the factory because all operators can access the information they need on their operator station or on digital display screens hung on the ceiling or on trays.

Activity monitoring

The need of manufacturers is constantly changing in terms of production monitoring. The arrival of new technologies, the need for users to have more visibility, a better understanding and control of all aspects of their production in real time is now inevitable in the context of a smart factory.

Is activity monitoring usefull for your teams ?

Your continuous improvement approach leads you to look for more effective ways of managing activity ? Looking to increase the responsiveness of your teams with better alerts ? Want to have a more real visibility of your activity ? …. so YES !

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Competitiveness is becoming tougher and that is why companies must always optimize their production to meet deadlines without losing quality.
Digitalising production monitoring in real time allows for detailed monitoring of just in production. In this way, operators can know exactly the progress of production and act accordingly. To do this, you need a visual management solution that can aggregate all your data and display it dynamically and understandably for everyone.

The implementation of performance indicators will allow to have a more precise vision of work-in-progress: Objective / realized / output gap, advance / delay, alerts in progress notably via ANDON alerts, PLC status etc.
These KPIs will also improve the production time and therefore :

  • reduce downtime, losses and scrap,
  • optimize the management of production thanks to constant monitoring of the indicators,
  • improve the respect of the objectives.

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Collaborative visual management

For a company or a team that wonders about the implementation of lean management methods and its multiple derivatives (lean IT and scrum methodology, lean manufacturing, lean office for the digital workplace …) : it is time of setting up a visual management.

Are your teams ready for the digitalisation of visual management?

If you have an existing visual management approach, or look for a way to optimize team animation rituals around key information, if you want to limit the reporting of your managers to focus on their role of manager with their teams, if you want to boost performance and continuous improvement, then YES !

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Not only is visual management the cornerstone of any lean project, but this visual management gains a lot to digitalize: digital allows you to collect and reconcile often heterogeneous and scattered data, automate their update, and broadcast on the most appropriate media (like our wallboards, for example).

The lean digital board can, unlike a traditional lean board, display data in real time dynamically so that evolutions and alerts are taken into account instantly. Managers can thus collaborate with their teams by following their evolution during the day.

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