Become an ambassador for your digital visual management project

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You have been working on a digital visual management project for months now. Your teams are delighted and your peers are starting to see the benefits of the wallboards in their departments. You even feel a hint of jealousy from departments that are not part of the project. So, why not become an ambassador for visual management? In this article, we show the advantages of promoting wallboards to those around you.

Create an innovative modern brand

projet management visuel

Very often, visual management projects start in a rather compartmentalised fashion. This starts with production in the manufacturing sector or public relations and human resources in service industries. However, all types of businesses can benefit from visual management wallboards. In showcasing the project and your results, you’ll set an example to your colleagues and demonstrate the expected benefits. And there are plenty of them! When it comes to logistics, the screens let you anticipate delays and better allocate resources. The IT department, meanwhile, will improve in responsiveness and performance. To discover all the benefits and the tangible ROI of visual management for each department, you can read our white paper.

This project will help you project a modern and innovative brand within your company. It proves that you are continuously looking to the future to try to improve and that you are not satisfied with what you have. Many employees share this attitude, so don’t hesitate use this and encourage them to do the same.

Promote your wallboards among your peers

ambassadeur projet management visuel

Visual management projects are just as beneficial to promote externally using your network. It enhances your own company but also your own role in transforming your company. Today, the digitalisation is something of a mark of excellence in the eyes of your customers. Let’s take the aeronautic sector for example: Many companies are promoting their digital equipment to showcase their operational excellence. It’s bound to be a plus point for your future.

For effective marketing, you can give feedback on the publisher’s site, as we do at PingFlow, on your site or directly in the press.You can also post about it on social networks. The best way is to take part in users’ clubs. This gives you the chance to talk about your project, but also to discover other functions and share good practices. At PingFlow, we organize PingClubs where our customers in both the manufacturing or service sector meet to exchange ideas through presentations and interactive workshops. Watch our video.

Regular internal and external conversations about your wallboards encourage you to continuously develop them to meet different expectations and to remain at the cutting edge of innovation. You bring your wallboards to life and continue to motivate your teams more efficiently. You prove that this is not just a fad but a real benefit for your company.

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