Calculate the ROI of visual management to convince your management wallboard

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It has now been several months since your visual management wallboards have been rolled out across your service. Thanks to regular reviews you have been able to develop them and meet the expectations of your teams. However, you still need to prove your project’s ROI (return on investment) to your management wallboard. In this article, we will give you the keys to win them over.

Effective communication

As a major benefit, you can highlight the improvements made in communication and information flow. In fact, digital visual management wallboards gives everyone the same level of information, allows them to share the objectives and the vision of the company (do not hesitate to consult our article on the OKR method).

This is the ideal medium for sharing business and professional information, as well as more informal information on the life of teams and the company. It is a complementary tool for your internal communication strategy to broadcast the company’s values and employer brand. Indeed, the Intranet is not always frequently used and you can’t flood your colleagues with emails either, as well as being impossible to give the same information to everyone over the phone.

Improved performance

Another point to highlight and which your management will surely be keen on seeing: Improvement in performance. Employees who have a overview of the business and their objectives are more efficient: they know where they have to go, and they know how Thanks to the configuration of colour codes or alerts, problematic situations are identified and resolved more quickly. Enough to pique the curiosity of your top management and move towards operational excellence.

Moreover, by connecting PingView to your Information system, all your data is updated automatically without the need to re-enter it, so no time is wasted. Then everyone has the most up-to-date and relevant data at their finger tips, limiting time-consuming reporting.

Empowerment and employee engagement

Employees interaction is also an essential benefit. Many people see these wallboards as a way to express and get involved in a project: meetings are not in the same format. They are more interactive and open to more collaboration and sharing.

You can see more support between different teams. In displaying the objectives and progress of projects, employees can spontaneously offer their help to those who need it without the need of the manager. Wallboards allow you to take responsibility for yourself in line with the objectives as an individual, but also as a team.

ROI in key metrics

To support all of the above arguments, we will show you a few figures. If your service has become more productive and faster, estimate it in figures: gain value, increased performance, higher resolution rate, etc. For example, Les Chantiers de l’Atlantique have estimated an increase in productivity of 10 %: operators have boosted reaction times and visibility in their cabin production line. After rolling out visual management wallboards within its IT teams to manage logistics flows, one of our retail customers estimated productivity gains of 5 to 10% with a better service rate. This can also result in reduced incident processing times. That was the case with Caisse d’Epargne Hauts de France (watch this video testimony), who went from 20 days to 10 days.

So do not hesitate to forward data that will easily impress your superiors: reduction in response times, improvement of intervention times… Also highlight the testimonials of your employees regarding their experience with wallboards. These are all arguments that will convince your employees and management.

There are many reasons to equip yourself with visual management tools and this list is obviously not exhaustive. However, we know that these are the most important issues for companies and that these KPIs hit the nail on the head. And if you ever need additional arguments why, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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