cloud computing

Cloud Computing: increase collaboration with scalable solution

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. It allows people to access their information at any time through the internet.  Do you think that you do not use cloud computing? Then you are wrong, we are facing it almost every day: when we update our Facebook, or Linkedin pages, or checking bank balance on the phone. Cloud-based services are ideal for the business. 60 % of European companies have already moved part of their IT infrastructure to the cloud, so what are you waiting for?


Increased collaboration

We live in a global world, usually, companies have offices in different cities, countries, continents and here they face to collaboration problem. How to deliver information fast and safe at any time? With the cloud, it is not a problem anymore. Your teams can access, edit and shared documents, from anywhere, they’re able to do more together and do it better. Cloud-based workflow and file sharing apps help them make updates in real time and gives them full visibility of their collaborations.  Also, it improves employees work-life, they can work from home and access all needed information.


Scalable solution

From time to time companies are facing unexpected growth of their computing. However, for this aspect cloud computing solutions are scalable, they always have extra capacity available if you need it.

In a cloud computing system, there’s a significant workload shift. Local computers no longer have to do all the heavy lifting when it comes to running applications.

In addition, check our infographic and article about cloud advantages.


cloud computing

PingView solution

PingFlow offers a digital visual management solution for large and small companies. Enable your teams to focus on their operations, meet their objectives and increase efficiency. Find the easier way to collaborate with real-time data! Moreover, you can choose if you want to be in the cloud or Premise.



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