Deployment of a visual management software solution.On your own or with assistance?

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Digital visual management is not only about deploying dedicated software. It is also about setting up screens within the various departments concerned. How do you go about choosing screens? Which provider to turn to? And what if you already have all the necessary equipment? How will this impact your project? Here are a few of the possible answers.

Do you already have the equipment and have you already defined your project?

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If you have already defined your visual management project, you have screens at your disposal (or know where to source them), you have an IT department to handle software deployment and employee training, you do not need to turn to a package ‘solution + support + digital screens’.

At Pingflow, we offer only the PingView solution, and you can benefit from support during implementation. You are then master of the deployment, employee training and the choice of equipment. However, we remain at your side to set up the initial parameters and for support. The PingView solution connects to your Information System and allows you to choose the indicators that you want to see. The graphical interface is clear, and your screens are customisable. Manage all your visual management screens remotely from a single workstation.

The benefits are significant: You control the implementation of the solution quickly, you are free to choose the equipment you want and have more flexibility over project management.

Would you like more support in defining your project and with the choice of equipment?

If, on the other hand, your management project is poorly defined, you do not have screens at your disposal or want to manage the deployment internally, you can call on a partner who offers you additional services.

We offer in-depth support in addition to the PingView solution: We support you from project definition, the design of your first wallboard to the choice of equipment from the wide range of screens on the market. You benefit from all the features on offer and from our experience. Thanks to our experience in the industry and the back office sector, you benefit from our objectivity and expertise in the design of the first wallboard right through to the deployment of the solution. As for screens, we are in constant contact with the major players in the market and can offer you innovative equipment, meeting the needs of digital visual management and at a preferential rate. We also provide employee training, which allows people to get answers to all their questions.

This solution also allows companies that do not have in-house IT resources to deploy the solution with confidence and to benefit from personal support. It also provides you with a single point of contact throughout the project: From the POC through to the installation of the screens. No need therefore to interface between the visual management software editor, the digital screen provider and your business partners.

Whatever your level of maturity in a visual management project, the equipment and resources that you have available, you will find the configuration that suits you at Pingflow. Do not hesitate to contact us!

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