digital lean wallboard

Digital lean wallboard

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“If you need a new process and don’t install it, you pay for it without getting it.”–Ken Stork


The lean wallboard

A step that makes the implementation of Lean easy is the use of an improvement board during daily or weekly stand-up meetings.

The purpose of this lean wallboard is to display the KPIs of the company and to show their evolution in order to optimise the team’s productivity. Also, the purpose of visual lean is to focus on the process and make it easy to compare expected vs. actual performance. You can use a lean wallboard in industries such as lean manufacturing, IT projects teams (lean IT).

First of all, your board should help to ask and answer the following questions:

  • Do you have a plan to achieve the objectives?
  • Are you executing the plan?
  • Is the plan working as expected?
  • If not, why, and how will you adjust the plan?

There are a lot of ways how to display this “wallboard”: post-it, whiteboard, A4 and etc. Unfortunately, this paper format does not allow to use the KPIs to their maximum since the data are SHIFT by hand every day or every week or even every month. The wallboard needs to go far beyond checking performance measurements and actually hold senior leaders accountable for management systems and behaviours – and helping them if they need support.


Digital lean wallboard for digital visual management

The lean digital wallboard, unlike a conventional lean wallboard, can display real-time data dynamically so that KPIs can change immediately. Managers can collaborate with their teams following their evolution during all time.

For a lean digital array to be effective, you should avoid putting too much information on it. You should display only the most important KPIs.

Benefits of using digital lean wallboard:

  • Assist with meeting customer demand
  • Improve process quality
  • Reduces process variation
  • Ensures effective problem solving
  • Helps to provide data on where you are compared to where you want to go and etc.


Once the data is determined, all you have to do is insert them into a dynamic display solution. With our PingView solution, you can not only create production screens for factories but also IT project management screens, as well as internal communication screens. Moreover, you have a possibility to add interactivity as well as animation conditions for more dynamism and reactivity. PingView gives you complete freedom to design your wallboard with a large collection of widgets (graph, text, video, picture, table, etc.).

Do not hesitate to ask for more information!

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