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Digital signage content in your company

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Digital signage content in your company


Before digital signage content

Before thinking about digital signage content, you have to pay attention to your target. The first thing to do is to identify your audience by asking you these questions:

  • Who do you want to touch ?
  • In what business segment they work ?
  • What kind of information might interest them ?

Take your time to think about your audience and don’t rush !


Make tests

Once you know your target, think of the time it will need to understand your digital signage and how it will interact with the screen. You need to test and measure because you have only 2 seconds to convince your audience with your message. After that, they will walk away. So your message has to be simple and short ! Keep a single message with a defined goal. Moreover, the information on the screen have to be clearly visible from a distance. To ensure the attractiveness of your screen, make A/B Testing with different images and texts to find which content works better and avoid monotony.


Digital signage means dynamic information

Images and texts are not enough. If you want to attract people, you need to use animation conditions or videos. Videos have to be short and easily understandable even without sound. For animation conditions, it exists some web solutions which can help you to create dynamic boards.

Dynamic informations won’t be the same for internal communication, IT dasboard or monitoring tickets but the way to do remains unchanged. You need to be focus on one subject and few keys indicators. Avoid long sentences and multiple numbers.

Screens location

Now that you know what display on the screens, you have to think of where you’re going to place it. If it’s internal communication, the better place is waiting area and point of transit. But if it’s for project management, be sure to have the space in the office and don’t forget to communicate with employees to understand exactly what they need.

Always have in mind the content strategy !


Advantages of digital signage in company

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