Lean panel digitalisation

Digitalisation of lean panel or SQCD in factory

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Lean panel digitalisation

Despite the lean boom in businesses, not all industries have yet integrated it. However, lean production has many advantages such as increased sales through customer loyalty due to quality problem-solving. In addition, the accuracy of the logistics saves money with the pulled flow system reducing the time interval between each step of the chain. What’s more, each employee feels involved because he/she has to stop at the slightest defect and solve the problem quickly with the support of the team. Finally, creating a dynamic workflow takes over the Kaizen concept. Kaizen process is a continuous improvement is a long-term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality.

The digitisation of the lean panel accentuates these elements because the digital allows a simple, complete and fast tracking while keeping the autonomy of the teams.


What is a lean panel or SQCD ?

A lean or SQCD (security/quality/cost/time) panel tells a production team how the project is progressing: KPIs, individual schedules, rules to follow. Generally through graphs, tables or images. The objectives are also highlighted so the teams know what they need to do.

Note that there are 3 types of panels:

  • The flash panels visible at the workstation
  • The central team panels that take up the everyday field performances and the terrain performances and information of the week and/or the month
  • Factory and home signs displaying global and safety information for employees and customers visiting the site

By updating these tables on a regular basis, this allows for better visibility of the activity. Also, rapidly detecting drifts in the process, machines, identifying root causes, framing the working environment and representing the ‘organisation.


Control of a workshop

Effective management of the workshop requires mastering the performance indicators. Moreover, to organise and animate an autonomous team and to understand the main tools of continuous improvement. The team must understand the wallboard setup and therefore its indicators. In order for this team to be effective, meetings must be scheduled so that everyone can give their opinion and make constructive exchanges. These regular points are accompanied by lean SQCD panels in a problem-solving approach.


What is a gemba walk ?

The Gemba walk means the first steps in the factory to see if lean is implemented.


Display powerpoint of the panel

Displaying powerpoints on panels only marks the difference between decision makers and executors. There are no visual management but orders reducing the autonomy of the team.


Replace these Powerpoints:

  • Photos of drawings showing defects and problems caused to customers
  • Monitoring of incidents by operators in order to show them the impact of their results and thus to hold them accountable


No daily production program at workstations

It is not a question of controlling its operators but of having a table of analysis of the production in order to give autonomy to the teams. In this way, they learn to:

  • Plan daily production
  • Real-time control
  • Note the incidents encountered during the day

In addition, it is important to leave room for comments in order to show the commitment of the team in the process.


No helps call system (call andon)

All teams must have the ability to call when they have a problem no matter where they are. Otherwise, the operator should go to his manager to remount the incident and thus waste time and therefore productivity.

The goal of the Andon call system is to facilitate communication between the teams and the manager. Also, to trace the problems and resolve them more quickly.


Lean panel digitalisation : how to set up ?

Now that you have an effective lean production process and your panels are optimised, consider lean panel digitisation. This will save you time and productivity.

To do this, start with design thinking with all your teams to gather as many ideas as possible and then create a mock-up with all the important information of your lean panels. Attention, you do not need to digitise everything, but to prioritise and create a dynamic display in real time.

Once you have created your model, you only have to integrate a dynamic display solution that can retrieve your data and display it in real time on your screens.

PingFlow offers a dynamic display solution for your lean panels!

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