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PingView: 3 concepts and 6 key functionalities of visual management

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Each visual management project is unique because it responds to the challenges specific to a company. However, some features are essential, whatever your needs and your sector of activity. We provide a non-exhaustive list of functions and essential concepts for your digital visual management project.

The key concepts of visual management

Strengthen team working and collaboration between your teams

One of the main challenges of visual management is to foster collaborative work. Driving a digital display project does not work if only one person uses the information. Visual management tools must allow indicators and useful information to be shared and communicated with your employees.

How? Through one or more screens deployed in the departments concerned or used in meetings or briefs. Thus, all useful information is centralised in one place and is available to everyone.

Facilitating operations management

In a lean management approach, visual data is also a tool for controlling activity. Thanks to the definition and the communication of key performance indicators, your employees can visualise progress against defined objectives, the deadlines to keep, and the possible problems encountered … in real time. For example, decisions can be taken quickly to respond to unforeseen risks. In addition, this encourages your employees to organise themselves, thereby changing the role of managers.

Fostering internal communication

Visual management encourages internal communication. You can disseminate internal or more informal messages (e.g. social networks) at chosen times (at lunch break or at the end of the day) on screens installed in suitable places (open spaces, cafeteria, reception areas).

The six key functionalities essential to a visual management solution

The connection to your Information System

Other vital features: The connection with your data. Connecting your business applications, your ERP, and your databases, allows you to publish the data you want without re-entering it manually. The risk of error is decreased, and you benefit from having up-todate information available.

Generating dynamic alerts and visual signals

Setting up alerts also helps you to manage your activity. For example, to manage your tickets, add a visual alert or on-screen animation to highlight an indicator and show that it needs urgent attention. You can also implement colour codes for indicators to display urgency visually. Pre-defined conditions, visual and audible alerts will hope to motivate your team and drive operational excellence. A good model could be andon systems developed for industry.

Touch screen interfaces to make your meetings more dynamic

To make your meetings more engaging, more collaborative and more interactive, PingView is compatible with touch screen interfaces (you must use appropriate touch screens). Thus you can navigate the various screens, obtaining detail by clicking or drilling down while having an overview of all themes.

Customising your display

You can present your important information using the numerous widgets available (tables, text, graphics, video, images…). A large number of dynamic visual tools are available to present your data and make it more visible and attractive. Settings can be changed easily depending on requirements and projects.

Full web access

You can access PingView from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. No need therefore to install the software on more than one workstation, your login details are all you need to connect. This allows you to change your wallboard when and where you want, directly from a web browser (on your tablet, your phone or a large monitor). Of course, access to wallboards depends on your confidentiality policy.

Managing your screens

If you have several screens in different locations or even in different countries, PingView allows you to manage all your screens from a single workstation using the Pingberry module. You can therefore manage and program specific displays as a distance on all company sites.

Based on our experience in the field, this non-exhaustive list can be adapted to your project. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information!

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