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You manage many boards, reports and balance sheets daily. These operations management figures are an obvious choice to display on your visual management solution. However, it is an inefficient use of time to re-enter all this data, especially as it is often stored in different files and in different software. The wide range of media and software is no obstacle to PingView, the software solution published by PingFlow. Indeed, it will connect to all your software systems. Go back to the non-exhaustive list.

Collaboration and office tools. Standard tools

Probably the software system most used by all companies: Microsoft Office 365. Many of your dashboards will therefore be in Excel. Perhaps your company prefers to work on Google Drive as it is a highly mobile solution ?PingView connects to all of these tools! No more issues accessing a document on your Drive, all useful data are displayed on screen. Are you holding a meeting with the staff in your department to examine the latest figures for the month? Open your Google Sheet directly on screen and change the data live.

Whether it is Office 365 modules like Excel, Planner or Google’s desktop suite, PingView can automatically retrieve your data in real time.

ERP, CRM, WMS and MES solutions which manage your activity.

Whether you are in industry or the tertiary sector, your company is almost certainly equipped with a transversal solution such as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or a CRM. WMS (Warehouse Management System) or MES (Manufacturing Execution System) type SAP, Generix, Influx, etc. are more than likely used to manage factory production. Sales teams use a Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) such as Salesforce, Zoho or Hubspot to collect client and prospect data.

Without them, operations are more difficult to manage. PingView connects directly to these tools to provide a clear view of your company’s data in real time. Any information stored in these systems can be extracted and displayed to all team members, thus giving them a clear appreciation of performance indicators.

Business area project management tools

Your daily work focuses more on project management? Your priorities are organised around tasks and deadlines? You may have started to use tools such as Slack, JIRA, GIT or Asana to manage these activities. No problem: PingView connects to all these project management tools.

Display tasks and deadlines so that team members have a clear overall vision. Categorise your projects and display only the most urgent ones. A project is more important than others and requires more resources? You can display only the data about this project. You have total freedom.

Visual management provided by PingView can also support your operations management through visual alerts. Imagine a highlighted colour banner at the bottom of your screen as a channel to display urgent situations and emergencies. All you need to do is write your priority message in a chat window for it to be displayed on screens.

Ticket and incident management for support services

You’re more of an IT department, and respond to a large number of support tickets? PingView connects to all your ticket management tools: Easy Vista, Zammad, Zoho Desk or Service Now. It is not just about display, but about managing your activity based on objectives. Your screen can display charts and measures such as the number of closed tickets against total tickets or the monthly change in number of tickets. The aim is to observe the flow of requests and the effectiveness of the service. In this way, you will be able to make the necessary decisions such as hiring a new person or reorganising your department in case of widely recognised failure.

Social media: For information breaks

Social networks are an important external channel, but communication need not be limited to them. Installing screens in communal areas such as the refectory or reception is ideal for sharing information. YouTube videos, latest tweets, train timetables, or recent Facebook events can easily be broadcast on all your screens.

This broad connectivity of visual management can be very useful. From HR, Finance and IT to operational staff in factories, PingView has considered the requirements of all business areas. Perhaps you use software that we have not mentioned? This list is nonexhaustive: any software with an API can connect to PingView.

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