Wallboard SQCD industrie dans PingView

SQCD wallboard – Industry 4.0

Manage your team around common indicators!

Whether you already have a visual paper or not, the creation of a digital SQCD wallboard will facilitate the monitoring of your KPIs and will allow you to stimulate your teams when these indicators. Connect your excels files (either locally, via our PingPaas tool or directly via our Office365 connection), and start setting up your indicators by helping you with our many conditions! This is your traditional SQCD (security, quality, cost and delay) that will be greatly improved.

If you are using an online kanban tool (Trello or KanbanFlow type), you can also track these tasks directly in PingView using the available APIs. Be informed in real time of completed, remaining, late, and other tasks.

Finally, you can use collaboration tools in addition to PingView with our frame widget. Collaborate effectively remotely or on the screen (in the case of a touch screen) with a tool like draft.do

We are available for any request for demonstration.