Trends in visual management: The latest developments in PingView

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This question always comes up when choosing a digital visual management solution: Will your solution evolve over time to continue to meet the changing requirements of your company? At Pingflow, we are constantly looking to improve our solution in order to respond to the changing demands of our customers and prospects.

Developments to respond to new business challenges

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Work environments are constantly changing: Mobile working, new generations of people coming onto the work market, process automation. All of these lead businesses to adapt and creates new requirements. It is therefore essential that tools anticipate and meet
these expectations

PingView continues to evolve since its creation. Initially used widely in industry as part of lean management, it was later ported to an office environment to help companies evolve into digital workplaces.

To respond to these new challenges, we base our products heavily on feedback from the field and from our customers. We often organise breakfast sessions where several companies share their experiences. This allows us to stay close to their needs.

Key developments coming to PingView

Towards ever more connectivity

Today, PingView connects with a wide range of Information System applications and databases. With this functionality, PingView allows you to shape and present the information distributed to your wallboards without re-entering your indicator data.

In the future, we want to improve information sharing so that people with non-IT profiles can use the application independently. We are planning to release many improvements in 2019 with this objective in mind. You will be able to benefit from new connected widgets such as weather, traffic, train schedules or public transport.

From a technical point of view, new connectors (AS400/DB2, OPPC.) will be implemented, making it easier to connect to these data sources. We are also planning to develop the PingPaas platform that links your local data and the PingView cloud hosting platform. All this to facilitate the flow of data between PingView and your applications, while complying with your confidentiality and security policy.

Techniques and methods appropriate to each business areaTo make management simpler

The user experience at the heart of our concerns. We know that it can be challenging for people to accommodate new applications; at the risk that they are not used. That is why we have a keen interest in making PingView ever more intuitive, while providing users with more functionality. Customised wallboards, connectivity with your data and interactivity can be implemented rapidly in just a few clicks.

We will soon be offering a library of the most commonly used images and icons, and pre-configured templates for the creation of new wallboards. No need for specialist computer skills, it’s simple and intuitive. Just select the data to display and you’re off! In this way, non-technical profiles can also manage PingView independently.

We will also introduce you to the PingAcademy of change management expert partners who can support you in project definition and deployment of visual management. The objective? Ensure full and trouble-free adoption by personnel with support from business experts to make your project a real success for your entire company!

The distribution of information:Facilitate the management of your display points

Companies with multiple display points can manage one-off or regular communication and the remote distribution of information. This allows them to personalise display screens across all geographic areas and departments from a central point.

Thanks to its full web connectivity, PingView can adapt to any digital display: From giant screens to the tablet, responding to increasing needs for mobility.

We developed PingBerry to facilitate the management of the physical screens, It allows you to change the web addresses (URL) of display points directly from the web platform and manage whether remote screens display or not.

This list is obviously non-exhaustive. We have many other innovative ideas and changes to make that we will tell you about regularly in the months to come. Do not hesitate to exchange with Pingflow experts to find out more! The distribution of information:Facilitate the management of your display points.

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