Drive team operational excellence
with digital visual management

Real-time wallboard on unlimited screens
100% visibility into your operations
Always connected to your team and your data

Team efficiency

Enable your team to focus on their operations, meet their objectives and boost their motivation.

Real-time monitoring

To see is to know - Regardless of industry,  show me what's going on so I can manage it.


Empower your collaborators with better clarity, visibility, and real-time alerts  based on latest information.

Get digital

Diffuse the most relevant information to your team on any digital and interactive devices.

Similiar to a scoreboard at a sporting event, wallboards are large display,
highly visible to be easy to understand for anyone walking by
and updated automatically with real-time data ensuring that people check back regularly. "


With unlimited device access, unlimited users, and unlimited boards,
PingView focuses on bringing together the most important data streams into visual output.
PingView is your operations storyteller.

  • Widgets

    Large collection of widgets to drag and drop on your slides enables unlimited customization: rich text, shapes, graphics, tables, date & time, clock, etc.

  • Datasources & Treatment

    Easily combine multiple datasources and perform cross-database queries on the fly with perform advanced calculations and filters.

  • Interactivity

    Interactive control elements enable other users to browse information and be engaged on the wallboard.

  • Dynamic conditions

    Conditions on the widgets (flashing, color change etc.) make dynamic alerts on the wallboards that ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Media

    Upload picture, video, sound, live streams, etc. in the library or widgets for a customized board.

  • Scheduling

    Plan the diffusion of walboards for a given or recurrent period on specific screens to target your audience.

  • Unlimited diffusion

    Access to display is unlimited and available on all digital media from a web browser.

  • User right

    Easily select user rights for various levels of user access according to user profile.


Bring wallboards to your organization

Easy to use interface

On your web interface, PingView gives you complete freedom to design your dashboard with a large collection of widgets (graph, text, video, picture, table, etc.) to drag and drop. Set your screen orientation, animation rules, and interactive actions for touch screens right on the dashboard, and our software will transform the display interface to fit correctly.


PingView: strategic business

Bring clarity to your data

Our standard connectors to any database or webservice allow you to show the largest variety of content with automatic update. You can also customise your data with our data treatments.
Unlock real-time KPIs, social media, news feeds, local weather conditions, and much more on any display.

Change the way you collaborate

One powerful software to manage your display network on the web. You can monitor and control over all your displays from any computer with the right access. Schedule dashboard diffusion for recurrent or ponctual display and set how long each dashboard plays.



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They talk about PingView (or they use PingView)

  • Testimonial #4

    The andon call solution PingFlow-NooliTIC is made on a reliable and scalable architecture, easy to implement, allows each operator to report an incident on the production line. These calls are broadcasted on various devices and form (big-size monitors, SMS) which...

    IT Manager - MCA Renaulthttp://www.renault.fr/
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  • Testimonial #3

    PingFlow strength lies in the automatic connection to the data stream, you do not spend time to udpate the information! The display network is easily monitored through updates dynamic screens... an innovative way to communicate instead of using emails or...

    Communication manager - Visiativhttp://www.visiativ.com/en-US/index.aspx
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  • Testimonial #2

    The display of downtime  and Andon alerts on our production screens, allowed us to be more responsive and significantly reduce downtime of the assembly line. This action coupled with others, have together generated a gain of 6% on performance....

    Progress & improvement manager - CLAAS Tractorhttp://www.claas.co.uk/
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  • Testimonial #1

    Visual management system implemented on cabin production lines brought us many advantages such as: visual simplification of the SAP system, highlight of the parts off cycle, anticipation of blocking missing parts, improvement of communication inter-service by limiting the use of...

    Manager Supply Chain Cabin - Stelia Aerospacehttp://www.stelia-aerospace.com/en/
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