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PingView is a visual management software dedicated to operational excellence.

How ?

Our solution connects to your information system in order to display your key information in real time.

In terms of design, our multitude of widgets allows you a total personalization of your data!

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The key benefits

The features

PingView in3 points

  • 1
    A clear and intuitive interface

    PingView allows you full design personnalization with its wide range of widgets (texts, images, graphics, videos…)

  • 2
    Your data in one glance

    PingView connects to any databases or webservices and retrieves their contents with automatic synchronization.

  • 3
    Collaborate effectively

    PingView is accessible on any digital medium by a web browser : from the big screen to the tablet !

Connecting to the information system

Synchronize your data quickly and easily

PingView allows you to create data sources by connecting to information systems (database, webservice, Excel files, APIs, social networks …).
Once we accessed your information system, we can process your data with filters, formulas, agregation and display them in a dynamic way.




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Our testimonials

The PingFlow-NooliTIC remote control solution consists of a reliable and scalable architecture, easy to implement, allowing each operator to report an incident on the production line. These alerts broadcasted on different media (TV, SMS) allow us to be more reactive and resolution focused. Afterwards,the manager identifies with the help of paretos the most penalizing workstation. An observation of these workstations allows you to fix issues and thus to guarantee the quality of the product.

Yannick Béguin
Responsable informatique, MCA Renault

Five months after the first wallboards were set up, our collaborators are more involved in the feeding of indicators displayed on their panels. They also have a better understanding of the work to do and understand more easily the work of each and everyone, which also facilitates poly competence or even mutual aid…

Patrick Vincenti
Responsable projet à Caisse d'Epargne CEPAC

The display of downtime and Andon alerts on our production screens has allowed us to be react quickly and significantly reduce downtime on the assembly line. This action, together with others, generated a 6% yield gain.

Fabrice Porteboeuf
Responsable progrès, Claas Tractor

The strength of PingFlow lies in the automatic connection of data streams, we do not spend time updating the information! Displaying up-to-date data on dynamic screens is another innovative way to communicate because it changes emails or paper bulletin boards. The simplicity of broadcast management and planning is a real plus in PingFlow.

Lydia Jouval
Responsable communication, Visiativ

A dynamic and collaborative communication tool.

Aude Amarrurtu
Head of People & Culture Development, Itelios

The digital visual management implemented on the cabin production lines has brought us many advantages such as: the visual simplification of the SAP system, the highlighting of off-cycle parts, the anticipation of missing blockers, the improvement of internal communication service by limiting the use of the email or telephone, and to have a shared information searchable remotely.

Florian Nezondet
Manager Supply Chain Cabin, Stelia

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