Become an internal visual management referent

For a transformation and organization project in connection with digital tools to be sustainable, it is essential to designate reference employees internally, who encourage their peers to use the new solutions put in place and maintain them. And this is even more true in the context of visual management, which needs to be animated and updated regularly.

If you are at the origin of the project, you are already identified as a referent. But concretely, what are the roles of the referent? We have identified a few of them in this article.


Higlight the different challenges of visual management 

As initiator and leader of the project, you have the chance to be perceived naturally as a referent and actor in the transformation and the digital strategy of the company. You thus have a privileged role in bringing you closer to business needs and becoming a key resource for your organization.

Companies today are faced with many challenges, which we have detailed in the article “why digitize your visual animation screens?”. Visual management is then a response to achieve these objectives and overcome the various challenges. For the challenges of performance and operational excellence, digital visual management guides you towards better productivity. Regarding the animation of team rituals, the wallboards are guarantees of transparency and information in real time. For the management of the activity, the interconnection of your visual management tool and your information system allows you to avoid reporting and tasks with low added value, and to increase responsiveness. Then, you show a modern image of your service, your management methods and your company.

Finally, digital visual management aligns teams and top management with the company’s vision. Thanks to the different wallboards, everyone has the same information and can thus project themselves into the company’s medium-term strategy. Access to screens reinforces collaboration, in an OKR (Objectives & Key Results) approach.

Appoint visual management “key users”

The “key users” of the visual management solution (or also called key users), are field collaborators, representative of business needs and IT teams to facilitate interaction between the different departments and facilitate the sustainability of the project. They are in charge of evangelizing their colleagues, reporting their feedback and problems, identifying good practices and blocking points at the higher level to improve the use and efficiency of the wallboards.

They are therefore very involved in updating the wallboards. Having a person or a project team partly dedicated to Pingview is necessary to develop the screens. This can be key users within the business lines or the IT department, or even by division. These key users then act as the bridge between the trades and the tool and can thus control what will or will not be displayed. They will therefore have to adopt a posture of accompanying manager, this empowers them and makes it possible to raise the reluctance of users to better resolve them.

Support users in using the wallboard solution

To position yourself as a visual management referent, supporting users to feed the wallboard is necessary. This consists of communicating around procedures and tools to display the right data at the right time. Obviously, the ideal is to continue to use the business tools, which are interconnected with Pingview, so the information will be updated automatically. However, some parts of the wallboards, such as team life, do not exist in your classic tools. Employees must then complete a file made available by key users. the latter benefit from training provided by Pingflow.

In this approach, you are the privileged interlocutor of employees, who will naturally turn to you. And it is thanks to successful support that the project can be a real success.

As you will have understood, being a visual management referent is very enriching for your personal experience and the development of new skills. It is also a guarantee that your visual management project will evolve over time. Do not hesitate to consult our references to find out more.

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