Microsoft x Pingflow : for the Digital Workplace

A la découverte des wallboards Pingview x Microsoft 365

The use of Pingflow x Microsoft wallboards varies depending on the needs of each organization. Indeed, thanks to the multitude of tools in Microsoft 365, each organization personalizes its own wallboards from A to Z according to its uses and / or challenges. Their remote access is facilitated thanks to the portal effect of the digital workplace of Microsoft 365: Teams. Customer data remains hosted in their Microsoft space without logging at PingFlow, for maximum security in terms of access and GDPR. Here are some use cases of Pingflow x Microsoft wallboards to facilitate performance animation and decision making through personalized wallboards; among many others :

  • Monitor project progress indicators;
  • Monitor the status of the tasks of a collaborative project and their progress;
  • Alert or inform quickly by broadcasting “flash” messages
  • Communicate around corporate news and events (documents, articles, videos, discussions);
  • Share instructions or reports easily without paper printing across the entire fleet of screens
  • Gather information from the field on the move thanks to mobile or web applications (gemba walk / field tour)
  • Or even lead a brainstorming workshop with a whiteboard

To go further, Pingflow supports its customers in their integration with Microsoft 365: choice of license management, training of teams, certified technicians in the event of a need for assistance, etc.

    Some examples of connected applications:

    • Excel Online : graphics, KPIs, widgets (texts, images, etc.) connected to cells
    • Task (Planner) : task tracking, progress, delay
    • Forms / Quizz : input form (team life, flash message, survey …)
    • Power Automate : automate notifications or alerts in Teams and view file syncs
    • PowerBI : integrated “embed” view of reports in the wallboard
    • Teams : remote access + display of flash messages from a channel (ex: #alert)
    • OneNote : access to meeting minutes and documentation
    • SharePoint / OneDrive : synchronized link to documents, media and files
    • PowerApps: business application data on the wallboard (eg: forms-type applications)
    • Whiteboard : brainstorming and collaboration

    Discover the whitepaper to learn more!


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