How can a wallboard change your team?

In business, we observe that working methods are changing: team cooperation replaces individual work to create more dynamism and commitment on the part of employees and interactions with managers. It’s therefore necessary to find tools adapted to this new mode of operation. Part of this is through visual management, which is a tool for assessing enterprise’s internal resources. Pingflow designs its interactive wallboards to support companies in their digital transformation.

Pingflow’s wallboard 

From the point of view of Pingflow, a wallboard gathers both the characteristics of the scoreboard (e.g.: basketball scoreboard that displays points and penalties in real time), of the dashboard (reporting tool on Excel, for example) but also those of the visual paper management board (we will paste post-it and key paper information of the company on a large board).

The idea is to have access to all those benefits.

3 applications:

  • Collaborative management: interactive screen where we navigate the various themes during team briefings or in open access for employees.
  • Activity management: fixed screen where activity indicators, alerts and objectives are displayed dynamically
  • Internal communication to manage the overall life of the company and/or team

An approach that comes from lean

Originally, the “LEAN” approach was mainly applied to manufacturing (Lean Manufacturing). But today, this approach is spreading to the whole company (Lean Enterprise). This includes Lean Office and, of course, Lean Engineering and Lean Development.

The strenghts of the wallboard: Pingview


  • Saves time for preparing manager briefs
  • Data displayed continuously and visible to the entire team
  • Connected performance indicators for immediate adjustment
  • Infinite creation and design
  • Total autonomy on the tool
  • Customizable sounds and alerts display according to conditions set out
  • More modern corporate image

The difference with a dashboard


Between a digital wallboard and a paper visual management panel, the difference is rather simple to imagine. Although we must be vigilant about the impact of digital transformation: changes in usage, ergonomics, access to information and team leadership. However, the question often arises when comparing a wallboard and a dashboard. This table will help you better discern them:

team in front of wallboards

Goodbye paper

Technological innovations bring us closer to digitization: PC, wireless Internet, smartphones, etc.

Most companies are ready to get rid of paper completely, but are held back by the habits they have always had. Today, the new generation of workers feels increasingly concerned about environmental issues. With wallboards, we avoid printing papers to display them.

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